Volume 7, Number 3:115-164;2015
International Journal of Physiology, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology    

Suleiman Al Hammadi, Saeeda Almarzooqi, Hidaya Mohammed Abdul-Kader, Dhanya Saraswathiamma, Abdul-Kader Souid: The PI3Kδ inhibitor idelalisib suppresses liver and lung cellular respiration. Int J Physiol Pathophysiol Pharmacol 2015;7(3):115-125. (Full text, PDF).

Jessica L Freeling, Yifan Li: Age-related attenuation of parasympathetic control of the heart in mice. Int J Physiol Pathophysiol Pharmacol 2015;7(3):126-135. (Full text, PDF).

Rao Fu, Danielle Gregor, Zengliu Peng, Jing Li, Alex Bekker, Jianghong Ye: Chronic intermittent voluntary alcohol drinking induces hyperalgesia in Sprague-Dawley rats. Int J Physiol Pathophysiol Pharmacol 2015;7(3):136-144. (Full text, PDF).

Xiang Shen, Yan-Ying Xie, Chen Chen, Xiao-Ping Wang: Effects of electroacupuncture on cognitive function in rats with Parkinson’s disease. Int J Physiol Pathophysiol Pharmacol 2015;7(3):145-151. (Full text, PDF).

Zhi-Gang He, Bao-Wen Liu, Hong-Bing Xiang: Cross interaction of melanocortinergic and dopaminergic systems in neural modulation. Int J Physiol Pathophysiol Pharmacol 2015;7(3):152-157. (Full text, PDF).

Yi Zeng, Yutong Ye, Desen Liang, Chao Guo, Lijie Li: Meta-analysis of the efficacy of lansoprazole and omeprazole for the treatment of H.pylori-associated duodenal ulcer. Int J Physiol Pathophysiol Pharmacol 2015;7(3):158-164. (Full text, PDF).
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