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Int J Physiol Pathophysiol Pharmacol 2013;5(2):128-136

Original Article
Behavioral and neuronal biochemical possible effects in experimental induced
chronic mild stress in male albino rats under the effect of oral barley administration
in comparison to venlafaxine

Inas E Darwish, Hala M Maklad, Iman H Diab

Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Department of Physiology, Department of Medical Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine Alexandria
University, Egypt

Received March 5, 2013; Accepted May 2, 2013; Epub May 27, 2013; Published June 15, 2013

Abstract: Venlafaxine is an antidepressant of choice, whose effectiveness could be modified by a commonly used medicinal plant and
nutrient. The current study had evaluated the barley extract (1 g/kg) when compared to or combined to venlafaxine (32 mg/kg) in a rat
stress model. The present study was conducted on 40 male Wister albino rats; divided to five groups. Four groups were subjected to
social chronic mild stress. Drugs or saline were orally daily administered one week before stress induction and extended up to ten
weeks. Behavioral, brain biochemical tests and serum magnesium were assessed at the end. The study revealed significant change
in the combined group on behavioral tests; forced swim test, elevated plus maze and saccharin preference test when compared to
barley extract group. Furthermore, there was significant reduction in brain malondialdehyde level, no significant change in brain nitric
oxide level, while significant increase in serum magnesium level was noticed. Whereas, the barley extract group recorded a lowest
significant improvement in behavioral, brain and serum biochemical tests. It could be concluded that barley and venlafaxine together
had muffled the oxidant stress and increased brain serotonin, serum magnesium level that might had a crucial role in experimental
induced chronic mild stress in rats. (IJPPP1303001).

Keywords: Barley extract, chronic mild stress, venlafaxine

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