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Int J Physiol Pathophysiol Pharmacol 2009;1(1):1-14.

Original Article
The effect of caveolin-1 (Cav-1) on fatty acid uptake and CD36 localization and
lipotoxicity in vascular smooth muscle (VSM) cells

Heather M. Mattern, Leena S. Raikar, and Christopher D. Hardin

Department of Medical Pharmacology and Physiology, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65212

Received October 3, 2008; accepted November 4, 2008; available online November 20, 2008

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine whether Cav-1 is involved in lipotoxicity in VSM cells by altering CD36 membrane
localization. Normal A7r5 cells, Cav-1 overexpressing cells, and cells treated with 10 mM cyclodextrin for 30 minutes were
immunolabeled with Cav-1 and CD36. The peripheral to central ratio of CD36 in Cav-1 overexpressing cells (1.52±0.19) was
significantly higher than in control cells (1.05±0.16) and cyclodextrin-treated cells (0.861±0.279). Fatty acid uptake at different time
points was quantified with C1-BODIPY 500/510 C12 fluorescence. A7r5 VSM cells overexpressing Cav-1 had decrease in the rate of
fatty acid uptake compared to control cells. Cells treated with cyclodextrin also had a decrease in fatty acid uptake compared to control.
Cav-1 overexpressing cells incubated in 0.05 mM palmitate had 31.4±8.8% apoptosis, where only 3.9±1.0% of Cav-1 overexpressing
cells incubated in albumin were apoptotic. Cyclodextrin treatment resulted in a decrease in apoptosis in cells incubated in 0.1 mM
palmitate (69.7±2.1%) compared to control cells incubated in palmitate (85.6±2.7%). These data suggest that in cells overexpressing
Cav-1, CD36 is relocated to the plasma membrane of VSM cells, where it may play an increased role in fatty acid uptake and possibly
lipotoxicity. (IJPPP810001).

Key words: Caveolin-1, CD36, vascular smooth muscle, atherosclerosis, lipid metabolism, lipid transport

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