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Int J Physiol Pathophysiol Pharmacol 2009;1(2):143-149.

Short Communication
Gastroprotective effects of Nigella Sativa oil on the formation of stress gastritis in
hypothyroidal rats

Khaled A. Abdel-Sater

Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine for Boys, Al-Azhar University Assiut branch, Assiut, Egypt

Received February 4, 2009; accepted February 25, 2009; available online March 10, 2009

Abstract: The aim of this study was to assess the effects of hypothyroidism on the development of acute cold restraint stress gastritis
in rats and protective effect of Nigella sativa at the beginning of the acute cold restraint stress. 60 rats were randomly divided into six
groups; the control (groups I), surgically thyroidectomized group (group II), acute cold restraint stressed group (group III), surgically
thyroidectomized plus stressed group (group IV), Nigella sativa oil group (group V) and surgically thyroidectomized plus stressed plus
Nigella sativa oil group (group VI). Volume of gastric juice, number and size of ulcer, gastric malonaldehyde, gastric glutathione, gastric
protein and serum thyroxine (T4) were measured. Significant increases both of number of gastric ulcer and malonaldehyde while
decreases both of glutathione and protein levels in rats in groups III and IV in comparison with control group. While, insignificant
increase were observed between control and both of groups II and VI. In rats, low thyroid hormone level increase stress gastritis, and
this effect can be decreased by treatment with Nigella sativa. (IJPPP902001).

Key words: Nigella Sativa oil, stress gastric ulcers, hypothyroidal rats

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